Awaken Your Destiny: Tarot Card Readings for a Journey Through Time

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Everyday life and the future pose many questions to us. Love, work, family, all make us ponder and sometimes we need a little help to move forward. The tarot cards this week will guide you in overcoming the obstacles you encounter along the way.


The Knight of Swords

These days will be somewhat complicated as you must catch up on accumulated work, but you will succeed with willpower and delegation of responsibilities. Continue on the path you have charted to successfully meet the challenge before you. You are currently experiencing conflict with your partner, so try to reconcile and save the relationship that is worth it. Find a way to channel your energies through exercise or meditation to achieve harmony and mental tranquility.


The Five of Wands

Do not let rivalries distract you from the path of success and abundance. Ignore gossip and chatter because you have the commitment this week to carry out what has been asked of you. There is no more time left, and completing your tasks will be the only way to earn trust for professional improvement. The card speaks of jealousy, aggression, and impulsive decisions. Be careful, sometimes it is better to make the decision to separate rather than risk something worse. Enjoy nature to find calmness and patience.


The Five of Swords

Set aside the stress and strive to complete the commitments you have taken on as quickly as possible. The faster you resolve conflicts, the sooner you will have the money you are fighting for to finally become independent. When two people no longer respect or love each other, it is better for each to go their own way. Accept this decision for the good of both. Yoga or meditation will help you overcome the distress you are experiencing.


The World

It will be a wonderful and fruitful week for you. You will shine in business and participate in meetings where many influential people will offer you new opportunities that you should consider for professional growth. Your love life is at its best, so reignite the flame of passion with that trip you have in mind; it will help you consolidate. Create a space in your home that you love and where you can spend moments of tranquility and reflection.


The King of Swords

Before judging the performances of others, you need to look at your own and reflect on how much you are truly achieving your goals. Devise strategies that allow you to solve things and succeed. There are ways to deal with differences in cohabitation as a couple. You need to be less dominant and seek common ground that allows you to come together in love. Maintain an exercise routine to release stress and improve your character.

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The Nine of Wands

This week will be challenging for you, so it is advisable to have a lot of patience and not let anything that could happen bring you down. Remember that stress affects your health, and you need to take care of yourself because your family needs you. You have experienced a romantic disappointment, and you need to turn the page. Life does not end because a relationship does not work. Work on your sense of worth. Reflect in order to have mental peace in your life.


The Page of Cups

This week, you need to follow your intuition to advance your business. In this way, success will come soon into your hands. Go where you feel you need to go; do not let what others say influence you. It’s you, your experience, and your hunches. Blessings are coming into your personal life. The card speaks of news that will make the family happy. Look for activities that help you relieve stress and keep yourself healthy and fit. You need it.


The Eight of Coins

This week, you will resolve many things at work. You need to devise strategies that allow you to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Do not let any obstacles deter you because success and prosperity are very close if you commit yourself. Focus on what you do; this is the recommendation of this card. You have a relationship that started as a game and over time has solidified. Both are committed and doing very well. You need to balance your energies and achieve it through exercise and proper rest.


The Six of Wands

You will feel satisfied with the tasks accomplished as a team to advance various projects that have been entrusted to you. Success is in your hands; take advantage of this good phase to save money. You have a stable relationship, but it is going through a very difficult time in which you need to find a way to reach an agreement that is beneficial for both. Do not let jealousy damage it. Take care of your health because stress is taking its toll.

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