Can You Solve This Mind-Bending Math Puzzle?

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This Viral Mathematical Puzzle Will Challenge Your Skills

Are you ready to put your mathematical skills to the test? This viral mathematical puzzle has been circulating the internet, and it’s no easy task to solve. Originally published in a schoolchildren’s test, this equation presents a unique challenge that requires you to find the value of a bird. Are you up for the challenge? Let’s dive in and see if you still have what it takes to solve complex mathematical problems.

What is a Mathematical Puzzle?

Before we jump into the puzzle, let’s first understand what a mathematical puzzle is. A mathematical puzzle is a conundrum or game that requires the use of mathematics to be solved. These puzzles can involve numbers, equations, shapes, and various other mathematical concepts. Some puzzles are more challenging than others, often requiring intricate reasoning and creative thinking to find a solution. It’s a great way to engage your mind and test your problem-solving skills.

Mathematical Riddle: Image of Calculation to Resolve

Now, let’s take a look at the puzzle itself. Examine the image, symbols, and underlying lines carefully to avoid obtaining an incorrect result. Remember, the key to solving this puzzle lies in paying attention to detail and making accurate calculations. Don’t worry; we will provide you with the solution and explanation at the end of this article. But before we get there, give it a try on your own and challenge your mathematical prowess.

Solution and Explanation of the Mathematical Puzzle

Now, let’s dive into the solution and explanation of this intriguing mathematical puzzle. But before we reveal the answer, we encourage you to take a few extra minutes and attempt to solve it on your own. It’s always rewarding to challenge yourself and see if you can find the solution without any help. If you decide to give it a shot, analyze the solution provided here and try to comprehend it fully. Understanding the concepts behind this puzzle will help you tackle other mathematical enigmas with ease.

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Let’s start by establishing the values of each element indicated in the puzzle.

– Based on the first equation, the addition of the 2 red trees equals 12. Dividing 12 by 2, we can determine that:

1 red tree = 6.

– The second equation shows that 1 red tree, when multiplied by 1 green tree and added to 1 green tree, results in 14. This can be expressed as:

(6 × 2) + 2 = 14. Therefore, we can conclude that:

1 green tree = 2.

– Now, let’s move on to the final line of the puzzle. It suggests the following formula: 1 red tree, multiplied by 1 green tree, subtracting the bird multiplied by 1 red tree, equals a red tree. Simplifying this equation, we get:

(6 × 2) – (1 × 6) = 12 – 6 = 6. Therefore, the value of the bird is:


If you were able to solve this puzzle in a short span of time, congratulations! You have certainly proven yourself to be a true genius when it comes to mathematics. Keep following Barlettaweb to discover more exciting tests and challenges to push your skills to the limit.

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